SGI Infinitestorage 4600


SGI InfiniteStorage 4600 can be seamlessly integrated into any high performance computing enterprise environment to meet the exacting requirements of data intensive applications, high I/O workloads and large scale consolidation and virtualization.

  • Centralized Management-Lowers storage management costs with run-anywhere flexibility, a common interface across all operating systems and fully integrated premium features.
  • Embedded Memory Controller with Industry Leading Memory Bandwidth-Provides additional functionality and flexibility as well as improved performance.
  • Support for RAID 6-Delivers improved data protection, including protection against uncorrectable errors during reconstruction.
  • Fibre Channel and InfiniBand Host Interfaces-Maximizes utilization of purchased capacity. Interface card types are designed to be mixed per controller.
  • Expanded Number of Partitions-Provides support for Server Virtualization. More servers have private space on an array and, with additional server logins, more servers can be connected to a single array.

It provides the flexibility for organizations to combine an array of network interfaces and disk drives in a single system to support the relentlessly escalating storage and processing demands of today's datacenter.

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  • Int: 0044 1623 600653