Coraid ZX-Series

Coraid ZX is a modern, feature-rich NAS appliance based on the Zettabyte File System (ZFS) and designed to work with Coraid EtherDrive block storage. Coraid ZX is ideally suited for public and private cloud environments, video and big data applications, where rapid scalability, ease of use and flexibility are important in a file-based storage system.


  • Ethernet SAN Integration - Integration of the NAS head with Ethernet SAN block storage offers multi-petabyte scalability and simplicity
  • Flexible Deployment - Storage can be deployed across multiple physical locations connected by layer-2 Ethernet
  • Thin Provisioning - By allocating disk storage space based on what is actually used, storage can be efficiently shared among multiple users and applications
  • Compression - Inline compression saves space and enables faster writes
  • Deduplication - Inline block-level deduplication further reduces the footprint of data stored on disk
  • Snapshots - Copy-on-write transactional model allows snapshots to be created quickly with no additional effort
  • Clones - Writeable snapshots create independent versions of file systems that share a set of blocks
  • Remote Replication - Efficient asynchronous remote replication enables inexpensive near-continuous data protection (near CDP)
  • Hybrid Storage Pools - Hybrid pools enable an optimized storage hierarchy containing DRAM, flash cache, and HDDs
  • High Availability - Optional clustered NAS front-end support for high availability applications
  • Seamless Multiprotocol Integration - NFS and CIFS file protocols allow secure data sharing between Microsoft Windows, Linux, and UNIX environments


Unstructured data is growing at a faster rate than ever before within enterprises. Companies are grappling with the ballooning cost and complexity of managing block and file storage infrastructure at scale. Traditional approaches to deploying storage for block- and file-based data do nothing to reduce the operational complexity of storage management.

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