Nexsan Assureon NX


Nexsan Assureon NX provides the benefits of our industry-leading Assureon Intelligent Archive solution—with
the price and size that’s just right for your business. With Assureon NX, organizations can now benefit
from our award-winning Assureon technology in a compact and easy-to-implement rackable appliance.

  • Simple NAS interface enables easy integration with applications
  • Built-in Lifecycle Management functions
  • Fully automatic file integrity checking with auto-healing
  • De-Duplication: No need to unnecessarily save identical files multiple times. Single Instance Store results in less storage needed, reduced network bandwidth and less overall costs.
  • Authentication and Integrity: Assureon technology verifies and reports that all assets and asset metadata has not been tampered with or corrupted.
  • WORM Disk functionality: Assureon provides nonerasable, non-rewritable functionality
  • RAID 6 data protection: Prevents risk of data loss, even if 2 drives fail
  • Fast Access Speed: Assureon enables immediate online access to reference data as opposed to traditional offline storage.
  • Remote Replication: Assureon NX supports remote replication of assets across the WAN enabling users to keep duplicate files at a remote site.
  • Integration to Windows Active Directory

Nexsan Assureon NX is an intelligent disk-based archive appliance for the long-term storage of business-critical information. This plug-and play appliance provides 3.75 TB of usable archive capacity ideally suited to interface with e-mail archiving, medical imaging and records management, document management, litigation support and other software applications.


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  • Int: 0044 1623 600653