Nexsan SASBoy


Nexsan SASBoy provides organizations with exceptional performance and unparalleled energy savings in a compact package to meet real world business needs. The highly flexible SASBoy features FC and iSCSI connectivity to enable cost-effective high performance access to large amounts of information ensuring faster response times for business critical applications. SASBoy is equally capable of delivering high IOPS for transactional applications and sustaining maximum MB/s throughput for high bandwidth applications.

  • High transaction performance
  • Nexsan's revolutionary AutoMAID energy saving technology greatly reduces power consumption and operating costs
  • High capacity – up to 4.2 TB in only 3U
  • Dual function Fibre Channel and iSCSI connectivity

SASBoy offers the energy saving benefits of Nexsan's revolutionary AutoMAID technology. AutoMAID (Massive Array of Idle Disks) allows SASBoy to place its disk drives into several levels energy savings without compromising application performance. This powerful combination of high performance with energy saving capabilities enables users to lower the cost of owning storage.

  • UK: 0845 4593871
  • Int: 0044 1623 600653