Nexsan DATABeast


Nexsan DATABeast combines full-service storage management, scalability and mission-critical availability at a price point targeted for enterprises of all sizes. DATABeast consolidates large amounts of storage into a single, high-density, energy-efficient, easy-to-manage solution that can be economically expanded.

  • Consolidate multiple Nexsan SAS and SATA storage systems into a single highly managed solution that can grow to several petabytes, addressing different applications and providing tiered storage
  • Create custom volumes that precisely address the needs of individual applications, eliminating storage waste
  • Use thin provisioning to maximize storage efficiency and eliminate manual volume expansion
  • Build large 16TB and 64TB volumes across multiple storage resources
  • Migrate data between old and new storage resources within the pool without service disruption

The DATABeast’s data protection services create an environment where data and sites are protected against loss because they are easy to restore and quick to recover. If need be, operations can be migrated to another location. The DATABeast provides all necessary storage services, storage systems and infrastructure in a pre-assembled and pre-configured system with all redundant components installed and cabled. The DATABeast is designed to be rolled in, plugged in and set up rapidly. Simply attach it to your network and you are ready to configure your storage resources and deliver them to your applications.

  • UK: 0845 4593871
  • Int: 0044 1623 600653