Sun StorageTek V2X2/V2X4f Shared Virtual Array


The Sun StorageTek V2X2/V2X4f Shared Virtual Array (SVA) with its near instant and capacity-less SnapShot, thin provisioning, and advanced Virtual Technology brings unmatched storage and management efficiency into the enterprise. The SVA is the most effective solution for storing, protecting and managing mainframe data and reducing TCO.

  • Drives down storage and management costs, reduces TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Protects and recovers data in seconds without consuming physical disk space resulting in increased data protection and availability for business continuity without doubling or tripling disk expenditures
  • Enhances disaster recovery with fast money saving local and remote replication technology
  • Gets applications to market faster with concurrent test and development enabled by fast and easy SnapShot copies and restores

The Sun StorageTek V2X2/V2X4f Shared Virtual Array (SVA) Disk Systems provide a disk-based data management solution that helps to reduce total cost of ownership. It improves data availability and accessibility while simplifying storage management.

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