Sun Fire X4540 Storage Server


The Sun Fire X4540 storage server, combined with OpenSolaris with ZFS file system, provides virtually unlimited scalability with the highest end-to-end data integrity and near-zero administration. And, you'll save as much as 50 percent of the cost and datacenter space compared to other approaches.

  • Boost throughput and reliability at a lower cost
  • Save on open systems and open source
  • Improve application performance throughout the enterprise

When you need extreme data access speeds, especially in a compact package, at a very low price, the Sun Fire X4540 storage server is your first choice. Where else can you get eight cores of AMD Opteron processing and 48TB of storage in a 4RU server? And at $1.20/GB? By comparison, it gives you twice the capacity in half the space at half the cost of the competition.

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  • UK: 0845 4593871
  • Int: 0044 1623 600653