Sun Fire X4500 Server


The Sun Fire X4500 Server delivers the remarkable performance of a four-way x64 server and the highest storage density available, with up to 48 TB in 4U of rack space. This system also delivers incredibly high data throughput for about half the cost of traditional solutions.

  • Fast, energy efficient dual core AMD Opteron processors
  • Highest storage density: 12 TB to 48 TB in 4U
  • Achieved up to 1 GBps from disks to network and up to 2 GBps from disk to memory1
  • Jaw dropping prices almost half the cost of traditional solutions
  • Unprecedented data integrity and dramatically simplified administration with Solaris OS and ZFS
  • Enterprise server RAS features; redundant, hot swappable components
  • The Sun Fire X4500 Server combines the functions of a high-performance, four-way x64 server, network fabric and switch, and storage into a single integrated system. This new class of data server is capable of deploying applications in ways that were previously not possible or cost-effective.

    • UK: 0845 4593871
    • Int: 0044 1623 600653