Sun StorageTek 5320 NAS Gateway


The Sun StorageTek 5320 NAS Gateway was built specifically for dedicated file-sharing consolidation in storage area networks (SANs). Its support for both UNIX and Windows simplifies file sharing between disparate environments. Plus, its file sharing services are integrated with SAN arrays, and standard block-level services of the SAN are not impacted. The result: the best of file sharing services combined with the best of block-level services for more efficient, multi-functional consolidated storage--in a single system.

  • File-system journaling, checkpointing, remote mirroring, integrated anti-virus scanning
  • Supports UNIX, Linux, and Windows platforms for simplified file sharing between disparate environments
  • Up to 512TB raw capacity (limited by the physical capacity of the attached storage)
  • Goes from power-up to simple file sharing in about 15 minutes, optimizes floor space
  • Includes CIFS, NFS, FTP, and iSCSI licenses to reduce cost and complexity
  • Single-head or dual-clustered NAS server configurations

Simplify mixed platform file sharing and keep your business data flowing, no matter how fast you grow. You'll appreciate its performance. At the same time, lower your total cost of ownership by installing easy to use, yet powerful capabilities where they're needed most: NAS file management and consolidation.

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  • UK: 0845 4593871
  • Int: 0044 1623 600653