Sun StorageTek 5220 NAS Appliance


The Sun StorageTek 5220 NAS Appliance takes the drama out of file sharing between your disparate platforms, where simplicity should be the rule. Its advanced business-continuity features protect your data while file sharing capabilities let your users collaborate across platforms. Easy to use and nearly effortless to manage, the Sun StorageTek 5220 Appliance sets up in about 15 minutes.

  • Seamless UNIX/Windows integration and secure data sharing
  • Optional remote data mirroring among StorageTek NAS appliances
  • Integrated real-time antivirus scanning
  • iSCSI target support lowers costs and simplifies access

This feature-rich appliance covers a lot of roles: flexible policy-based services, integrated file system journaling, check pointing, antivirus scanning, and even powerful options for regulatory compliance and remote mirroring. Its high-performance serial-ATA back-end RAID architecture scales to 24 terabytes. In short, it's an invaluable boost in availability assurance.

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  • UK: 0845 4593871
  • Int: 0044 1623 600653