Sun StorEdge Multipack


 Sun StorEdge Multipack is available from Sun iForce Partner – NexStor. NexStor offers the most competitive prices for the Sun StorEdge Multipack systems.
There are two versions of the SUN StorEdge Multipack. The standard Multipack features a single ended 68 way SCSI Interface. The Sun Multipack-FC is a Fibre-Channel variant of the product. Both versions of the Multipack support up to six disk drives. (An earlier variant of the Multipack had 12 drive bays, but this is no longer manufactured).

Sun StorEdge Multipack key points:

  • 6 disk capacity (Minimum of 2 disks)
  • Support for 18GB or 36GB UltraSCSI disks (SCA-2)
  • All disks hot-swappable
  • SCSI or Fibre Channel models available

The StorEdge Multipack will accommodate up to six plugable disk drives. The drives can be hot-plugged though the design of the unit does not make the Multipack an ideal replacement for a RAID enclosure.
Disk capacities include 18.2Gb and 36.4Gb. The Multipack requires a 68w to 68w SCSI cable. The Sun StorEdge Multipack can also be used with a narrow SCSI controller but this will limit the number of drives to four. The Sun MultiPack SCSI ID can be set to the 1-6 or 9-14 SCSI IDs for dual enclosure configurations. A key lock prevents unauthorised removal of drives.

  • UK: 0845 4593871
  • Int: 0044 1623 600653