Sun StorEdge 9980 Data System


Sun StorEdge 9980 system is designed for environments requiring the highest levels of performance, availability and capacity. It offers extreme scalability up to 74.7 TB along with storage virtualisation and is ideal for large-scale consolidation and data-intensive applications.
The Sun StorEdge 9980 system provides extreme levels of performance and capacity for large data centre environments. This highly available and massively scalable storage system has a base configuration consisting of two frames: the Control Frame, which contains the cache and switch modules, host and drive interfaces, disk array processors, and the service processor; and up to four Array Frames, each supporting up to 256 disk drives and redundant power supplies.

  • Maximum 74.7 TB raw capacity
  • 1024 drive capacity using low profile Fibre Channel disk drives (up to 4 hot spares)
  • RAID 5 or RAID 1+ gives customers a choice of disk drive protection, resiliency, and performance.
  • 64 GB maximum cache

The system's virtualisation capabilities enable storage consolidation, which helps to reduce TCO by enabling connections to multiple hosts and allows for more flexibility in configuring your SAN infrastructure. The storage system is easy to operate and control and helps to simplify your data management. Software is available to support key storage applications typically used in data centre environments, including path management, real time replication, and remote mirroring for disaster recovery.

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  • Int: 0044 1623 600653