SANRAD V-Stor provides an affordable yet highly-efficient storage packaged for server consolidation projects. The V-STOR provides the most effective combination of storage and connectivity features to support the specific needs of your server virtualization infrastructure needs.

Easy Deployment

  • Pre-configured for consolidated servers
  • High performance, low complexity iSCSI connectivity
  • Optimal mix of SAS and SATA drivers designed for flexible combination of hyper-visor storage performance along with application data capacity.
  • Simple live data migration from existing DAS or SAN to the V-STOR.

Integrated Storage and Server High Availability

  • With built in cross array mirroring and active/active clustering, get completely autonomous recovery of Virtual Servers without IT intervention.
  • Metro cluster functionality assures autonomous recovery of virtual machines even in case of complete building failures, by maintaining synchronous mirrors in cross campus facilities.

The SANRAD V-STOR offers an unbeatable package answering the specific storage requirements of your server consolidation projects.

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  • Int: 0044 1623 600653