SANRAD V-Switch 2000


The V-Switch XL Series is SANRAD's series of network based SAN acceleration appliances.  Utilizing appliance embedded FLASH as a high performance cache, the V-Switch XL appliances deliver an immediate performance increase to SANs.  The V-Switch XL series can further serve as a connectivity bridge enabling the connection of 10GbE servers to an FC SAN by upgrading 2/4/8Gb FC SANs to 10GbE.

  • Flash accelerated performance for storage access in virtualized environments.
  • Transparent acceleration of HDD arrays: accelerate your existing SAN volumes.
  • Virtualization and acceleration of HDD array: create accelerated virtual volumes using the existing SAN as a storage pool.

The V-Switch XL appliances work either in transparent acceleration mode (accelerating existing SAN volumes and VMware datastores) or in virtualize & accelerate mode (creating new accelerated virtual volumes using the SAN as a storage pool). Users deploy the V-Switch XL appliances to deliver significant acceleration of storage response time, deliver high IOPS for demanding applications, and maximize utilization of 10GbE networks.

  • SANRAD V-Switch 2000 Datasheet.pdf
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