SANRAD V-Switch 3440


SANRAD's V-Switch is an open and scalable iSCSI SAN appliance with strong support for Server Virtualization. The V-Switch connects and pools storage devices to provide enterprise class SAN storage services at SMB cost levels. SANRAD's storage service level assurance, integrated high availability clustering, and WAN replication protect the most mission critical applications in virtualized environments.

  • The V-Switch tightly integrates storage high availability with server high availability for end to end business continuity.
  • Cross array synchronous mirroring and active/active clustering deliver unparalleled fault tolerance for virtual applications.
  • Metro cluster functionality assures autonomous recovery of virtual machines even in case of complete building failures. 

V-Switch 3440 provides the best cost performance in the V-Switch family. It uses a real-time operating system and high-end network processors to deliver high performance with complete component and system redundancy. The V-Switch 3440 delivers end to end protection and optimized storage performance for all virtualized applications. SANRAD's unlimited licensing of storage virtualization features makes the V-Switch the perfect match for your storage needs and budgetary requirements.

  • SANRAD V-Switch 3440 Datasheet.pdf
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