Quantum DXi2500-D


Quantum DXi2500-D is the deduplication and remote replication system that provides secure, low cost backup and fast, certain restores across distributed sites. 

  • Provides disk backup protection for remote sites and branch offices
  • Deduplication reduces disk capacities by 90% or more
  • Works with existing backup software applications
  • High backup performance of up to 180GB per hour
  • Replication compatible with DXi7500models for lights-out DR protection and consolidation of tape
  • Supported by Quantum Vision™ for unified management of disk, tape, and multiple sites
  • Boosts backup and recovery in distributed sites while reducing costs
  • The DXi2500-D streamlines remote office protection by replacing tape with local disk backup and remote replication for DR.  Recovery is from local disk for fast, certain restores and it reduces disk needs by 90% or more using proven deduplication technology.
  • Automates and centralizes DR protection and tape creation

DXi2500-D solutions provide local disk backup and restore for remote offices, leveraging Quantum’s deduplication technology to reduce capacity needs by 90% or more and supporting all leading backup applications, including Symantec’s OST interface.

  • UK: 0845 4593871
  • Int: 0044 1623 600653