Quantum DX100


Quantum DX100 addresses the most significant backup challenges facing IT professionals: meeting short backup windows, confidence that backups are complete, and the ability to quickly restore data when needed.

The DX100 enhances an existing tape backup system by separating the backup target from the backup archive. After installing a DX100, backup jobs are sent directly to the DX100 (the backup target) with throughput up to 3.6TB/hr.


  • High availability features such as RAID 5 and redundant, hot-swappable components
  • Back up to 3.6TB/hr to meet short backup windows and provide quick restores
  • Restore files 5 to 10 times faster than a conventional tape library
  • Up to 166TB usable capacity in 10.4TB increments
  • Supported by every major backup software vendor

Quantum is now the first open systems vendor to offer hardware-based data compression via our patent-pending Optyon In-line Data Compression card. It enables DX100 users to double their usable capacity with approximately 2:1 compression. By offloading data compression to a dedicated hardware adapter card, the backup server and DX100 processor are not impacted. Competitor's disk-based systems only offer software compression (if any at all), which can decrease aggregate performance by 50% or more.


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