Quantum DX5000


Quantum DX5000 Virtual Tape Library brings true enterprise-class tape emulation to the mid-sized enterprise - in a high-density rack mount design and at a groundbreaking price. Its comprehensive, appliance-like design makes it easy to integrate into existing environments without special installation requirements.


  • Up to 19TB usable capacity (12TB raw)
  • A compact, cost-efficient design puts motherboard, RAID controller and storage in a single rack-mount chassis
  • Industry-leading performance

Disk to Disk Backup with the Quantum DX5000 Virtual Tape Library provides a wide range of configuration options and flexibility, including iSCSI and FC connectivity options and partitioning into multiple VTLs or available disk volumes. High-availability features include hot-swappable drives. And the DX5000 features Optyon hardware-based 2:1 Data Compression, a unique feature from Quantum. It enables you to back up to virtual tape at high speed, utilizing compression to maximize capacity without compromising performance.


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