Quantum DXi5500


Quantum DXi5500 disk-based backup appliance uses Quantum’s patented data de-duplication technology to increase the amount of backup data users can retain on disk by 10 to 50 times. Quantum’s DXi5500 provides fast and reliable backup and restore and makes WAN replication a practical, cost-effective part of disaster recovery planning.

  • Up to 540TB of backup retention disk capacity
  • High backup performance of up to 800GB per hour provides enterprise scale protection
  • Multi-site replication options for WAN-based remote replication

Quantum’s DXi5500 solution is an integrated appliance that is easy to install and use with all leading backup applications. It provide best-in-class performance and flexible, easy-to-use interface options including NAS, virtual tape library (VTL) or mixed presentations along with Fibre Channel and iSCSI connectivity.

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