Quantum Group Logic LAN Client for StorNext

Quantum and Group Logic have combined their superior quality and customer service to develop the Group Logic LAN Client for StorNext. With Group Logic LAN Client for StorNext you get seamless integration while maintaining the complete Mac experience for end-users. You also get a powerful suite of administrator features that will enable you to manage your business more efficiently.


  • Support significantly more Mac users than any other AFP server solution
  • Reduce storage costs by implementing a multitiered storage and archiving environment
  • Support all Mac OS versions 10 and later


Group Logic LAN Client for StorNext runs on a StorNext Windows Client that allows your organization to preserve the innovative "Mac experience" for your Mac users, while simultaneously integrating them fully into a StorNext infrastructure. Whether it's LAN access from your Mac to StorNext, security policies, Active Directory integration, performance, scalability or manageability and monitoring options, Group Logic LAN Client for StorNext allows you to deliver enterprise-class services that your Mac users require. This reduces help desk calls and increases productivity—saving you time and money. As the proven standard for file sharing between Macs and other servers, Group Logic LAN Client for StorNext is the most trusted solution and a "must-have" for mixed computing environments.

  • UK: 0845 4593871
  • Int: 0044 1623 600653