Xyratex RA-1602-1216-JBD


The RA-1602-1216-JBD is part of the Xyratex series of FC-SATA storage solutions designed to integrate Fibre Channel connectivity with cost-efficient SATA drive technology. Ideally suited for use under proprietary RAID controllers or NAS heads, the RA-1602-1216-JBD enables customers to leverage their existing Fibre Channel, SAN or NAS infrastructure at an attractive cost point.

Xyratex’s innovative JBOD design uses an advanced FC-SATA silicon storage router chip embedded in the bridge controller. This enables the controller to communicate with each disk individually, providing the customer with maximum configuration flexibility. The system is available in three configurations: single, dual active, and dual independent. On the single and dual active controller versions, throughput performance is sustained at 380MB/s; a simple switch reset moves the controller from dual active to dual independent mode, and increases throughput to 760MB/s.

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