Xyratex RS-1220-E3-EBD


The RS-1220-E3-EBD enables the customer to provide tiered storage solutions with either low cost SATA II (3Gb) drives or high performance SAS drives to optimize the storage “performance vs. cost” factor for their specific application. By utilizing this tiered storage model, the RS-1220-E3-EBD enables customers to support both mission critical primary data and archival data with one solution.

The Xyratex RS-1220 enclosures have 12 hot-swappable disk drives in just 2 standard units of rack space, industry-leading capacity in this form factor. Designed with hot-swappable controllers, power supplies, cooling modules and enclosure management functions, this fully-redundant enclosure is designed to meet the demands of 24/7 operation.

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