Xyratex RS-1600/2-F4-SBD


Xyratex’s RS-1600-F4-SBD and extended RS-1602-F4-SBD replace traditional Fibre Channel – Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL) architecture with an integrated advanced switching hub, dramatically improving data availability while reducing the effects of latency, especially in systems with high disk counts.


  • Point to point disk drive communications
  • Bandwidth of up to 3.2 GB/s per enclosure
  • Extended SES for advanced management features
  • Reduced latency in large disk count systems
  • Autonomous FC error monitoring of port management
  • ANSI enclosure SES support for management & diagnostics
  • Up to 8 non-blocking initiator connections
  • Multi-path trunking doubles interconnect performance
  • Drive LIP threshold management
  • Trunking
  • Zoning

This innovative 4G Switched Bunch of Disks (SBOD) solution offers substantially improved read/write performance levels, and uses embedded technology to create a high performance, point-to-point switched connection between the storage controller and the individual drives.

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