Xyratex F5404E


The Xyratex F5404E has been engineered to address these market demands. Merging Xyratex’s 4835 mass storage and 5000 series RAID families, the F5404E combines 4Gb Fibre Channel RAID connectivity with Serial ATA II (SATA) disk drives, Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) expansion technology and Xyratex’s advanced StorViewTM management software

• High Performance and Availability

There is no single point of failure with two RAID controllers per chassis and host-based dynamic multi-pathing that maintain continuous access to application data.

• Power Savings and Cooling

The F5404E has the lowest power consumption (50% more TB/KW) and highest density (33% more TB/Sq ft) of any nearline storage RAID system on the market. The innovative cooling technology ensures drives maintain their ambient temperature at all times, thus ensuring a long storage life.

• Minimal Disruption and Downtime for Upgrades

F5404E supports flexible configurations and will accommodate drives as they increase in capacity. Components are hot-swappable and backwards compatible reducing the need for major migrations and forklift upgrades

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